[Scribus] Scribus PDF and PitStop 6.52

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Aug 20 13:08:48 CEST 2006

henrik at winzell.se wrote:
>>> Error - Embedded font OzHandicraftBT-Roman is not subsetted (443x)
>>> Error - Embedded font Courier10PitchBT-Roman isnot subsetted (34x)
>>> Error - ICCBased is used (3x)
>> This is a conflict between the requirements of PDF/X-3 and the PitStop
>> profile which the newspaper has selected.
>> PDF/X-3 *requires* both full embedding of fonts and ICC based colors.
>> Scribus will not export PDF/X-3 without both of the functions
>> enabled.
>> Why are you using PDF/X-3 ?
> I don't know really... I know that it isn't recommended. I started out  
> with PDF 1.3, wich didn't work, so I mailed them an X-3, and they  
> didn't complain about it, so I just went on with that. Maybe I'll go  
> back to PDF 1.3?

It's much better to find out what _they_ need, and provide that. IF they 
want PDF 1.3, provide PDF 1.3. If they want PDF/X-3, send that. If 
they're OK with PDF 1.4, you should prefer that over PDF 1.3 if you've 
used any transparency, but if they can't handle it, there's no point 
sending it.

The printer's web site will tell you their specs. If by some odd chance 
it doesn't you can always email them and ask. Playing guessing games 
wastes their time and yours.

>>> Caution - Effective resolution of color or grayscale image is
>>> larger than 256 dpi (3x)
>> A newspaper may not want higher resolution in images as downscaling  
>> later on >may not give good printed results.
> Should I then set Scribus to downsample images to 256 ppi when I  
> export the PDF?

It's not a bad idea, but in truth only really necessary if you're going 
to hand-tweak the resampled image (Since the RIP will do much the same 
thing as Scribus when automatically downsampling) or if the file size is 
too large.

>> Please feel free to contact me off list to view the file and do my own
>> PitStop tests.
> Very kindful! How do You want the file? PDF 1.3 with all my embedded fonts and
> ICC-profiles?

I can't speak for Peter, but I'd expect a bundle of the .sla, all fonts, 
all images, and the exported file in PDF 1.3 and PDF/X-3 formats. You 
can bundle the file, fonts, and images up into a directory using the 
"Collect for output" function.

Craig Ringer

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