[Scribus] Scribus PDF and PitStop 6.52

henrik at winzell.se henrik
Sun Aug 20 09:03:48 CEST 2006

>> Error - Embedded font OzHandicraftBT-Roman is not subsetted (443x)
>> Error - Embedded font Courier10PitchBT-Roman isnot subsetted (34x)
>> Error - ICCBased is used (3x)
> This is a conflict between the requirements of PDF/X-3 and the PitStop
> profile which the newspaper has selected.
> PDF/X-3 *requires* both full embedding of fonts and ICC based colors.
> Scribus will not export PDF/X-3 without both of the functions
> enabled.
> Why are you using PDF/X-3 ?

I don't know really... I know that it isn't recommended. I started out  
with PDF 1.3, wich didn't work, so I mailed them an X-3, and they  
didn't complain about it, so I just went on with that. Maybe I'll go  
back to PDF 1.3?
>> Caution - Effective resolution of color or grayscale image is
>> larger than 256 dpi (3x)
> A newspaper may not want higher resolution in images as downscaling  
> later on >may not give good printed results.

Should I then set Scribus to downsample images to 256 ppi when I  
export the PDF?

> I would need to know more info about how they are trying to print the
> file.

I will give You that info in a week or two, because the person who  
have struggled with my files aren't at work the next week...

> Please feel free to contact me off list to view the file and do my own
> PitStop tests.

Very kindful! How do You want the file? PDF 1.3 with all my embedded fonts and

Best regards!

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