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Plinnell mrdocs
Thu Aug 17 22:29:04 CEST 2006

On Thursday 17 August 2006 03:29, Gustavo Homem wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a rough roadmap for the current "stable" branch?
> Since seems to be the  best version for production usage
> (in terms of stability vs features compromise) it would be very
> interesting to know, which bugs are scheduled for a fix.
> Another thing: for production use it is very important to keep
> track of the program changes. and upgrades must be carefully
> planned.
> However, seems that with the current development model, the bugs
> are resolved on the main 1.3.x branch and then backported to
> 1.3.3.x. In this case, they get marked as "fixed in 1.3.x", right?
> We then miss the oportunity to keep track of the changes to the
> stable 1.3.3.x version via bug tracker.
> (ex: for I only find one resolved bug)
> Would it be possible to explicitly list all the resolved bugs on
> the 1.3.3.x release notes?
> Note that I am only suggesting this for 1.3.3.x, where changes are
> mostly bugfixes.
> Best regards and thanks
> Gustavo


All the changes are listed here:


This same change log  is included in the source tarball and sometimes 
packaged in /usr/share/scribus-$version/doc depending on how its 

When we fix a bug in 1.3.3.x you can assume that 1.3.4cvs either does 
not have the issue or it has been fixed as well.

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