[Scribus] and higher - version management questions

Riku Leino tsoots
Thu Aug 17 05:12:32 CEST 2006

Gustavo Homem wrote:
> Is there a rough roadmap for the current "stable" branch?


> Since seems to be the ?best version for production usage (in terms
> of stability vs features compromise) it would be very interesting to know,
> which bugs are scheduled for a fix.

crash fix, critical bug > random bug > random feature (must be safe to bp)
I suppose that's pretty much the roadmap there, most likely rougher than you 
ment. New bugs appear all the time some more critical than others. At some 
point close to a release we do have a short list of bugs that must be fixed 
before the release. I suppose that list could be public as well.

> Another thing: for production use it is very important to keep track of the
> program changes. and upgrades must be carefully planned.
> However, seems that with the current development model, the bugs are
> resolved on the main 1.3.x branch and then backported to 1.3.3.x. In this
> case, they get marked as "fixed in 1.3.x", right? We then miss the
> oportunity to keep track of the changes to the stable 1.3.3.x version via
> bug tracker.
> (ex: for I only find one resolved bug)

Using "cvs log" will give you better results. If you grep with '#' you should 
even get the bug IDs although not all bug fixes include the bug number 
prefixed with '#'. In such cases there will be at least some description of 
the changes. Would be nice if mantis would allow us to tag things fixed in 
several versions (could be it already is I just never have tried to select 
two versions in the 'fixed in' drop down box).

> Would it be possible to explicitly list all the resolved bugs on the
> 1.3.3.x release notes?


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