[Scribus] scribus crashes, signal #6, on PDF export

Dan Fink danbob
Wed Aug 16 19:41:34 CEST 2006

It may be of interest to note that: this OOM crash happens even when I
try to export to PDF only one page of an 8-page, black and white book
chapter. On different project today, I exported to PDF a single-page,
color document full of hi-res TIFF photos at PDF=2400 dpi, and it worked
just fine--the printing shop had never heard of Scribus and was
impressed at the quality of the output, they are going to run it on
their new 'true' 2400 dpi press tomorrow. 

After talking to my book publisher today, I found that 1200dpi is far
more than I need for this B/W book project, so I doubt I even have to
upgrade my Linux box memory--the crash does not happen at 600dpi or
below. Thanks for the reassurance! Scribus is doing the job for me quite
well on many different projects now, including this 300+ page book. The
support here on the Scribus mailing list has been tremendous, too.

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