[Scribus] scribus crashes, signal #6, on PDF export

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Aug 16 17:44:49 CEST 2006

Dan Fink wrote:
> I'm using Scribus, which is what yum retrieved for me. Fedora
> Core 5. When I'm trying to export a chapter of my book at 1200dpi, I get
> the "scribus crashes with signal #6" message. When I try it at 300 dpi,
> it works fine. Is it safe to assume that its crashing from running out
> of memory?

Almost certainly - the signal 6 will be an abort() called by terminate() 
because of an uncaught std::bad_alloc exception . See 
http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=2438 and related.

If you're trying to save an image from Scribus rather than a PDF, you're 
MUCH better off avoiding the image export and generating a PDF, then 
using a tool like GhostScript to rasterise the PDF. The image exporter 
currently has serious RAM consumption problems.

If you are trying to export a PDF, the chances are the problems are 
being caused by memory consumed by image resampling or the rasterisation 
of EPS/PDF files used in the document. More swap might do the job 
(slowly!), otherwise options include lower res exports, avoiding 
upsampling of images (a good idea anyway), and more physical RAM.

Craig Ringer

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