[Scribus] Is there anyway we can make a feature reqest in future versions?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Aug 11 20:02:25 CEST 2006

Stu77000 wrote:
> The arrows can be resized to pretty much any size you want, plus be 
> edited through the Shape tab in Properties. If you edit to something you 
> like, you can save in in the Scrapbook to use again in another document.
> Greg
> How do you resize them. 
> - You are able to resize the line and arrow as one but just adjusting the
> size of the arrow head alone does not seem possible.
> - Also it is possible to reshape the line only when using the 'Insert Bezier
> Curve' & 'Insert Freehand Line' buttons and not when using the 'Insert Line'
> button, as the shape tab is then not accessible under Properties, however
> this is not a problem for me.
> I am writing a rock climbing guide and need to point out certain points on
> the rock and change the size of the arrow head on occasion but the line
> itself must stay the same size.
What I have done for maximum flexibility it to use the Insert Shape item 
on the toolbar,


 from which you have a number of shapes to choose from. Then edit this 
for size, fill and line colors, and you can edit in the Shape tab in 
Properties. You should be able to create a family of arrows to choose from.


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