[Scribus] Cross-platform installer

Ludi Maciel iludi
Mon Aug 7 00:57:00 CEST 2006

Open Source Licenses
Bitrock founders come from an open source background, and are contributors to 
projects such as Apache, Mono and the Linux Documentation Project. Our goal 
is to make both commercial and Open Source software easier to install and use 
in multiple platforms. 
We believe our installers can greatly improve the adoption of Linux and Open 
Source software, especially among end-users that come from a Windows 
background. In that spirit, we offer full-featured licenses to open source 
You can check out Mono, Alvaro's Messenger or NPGSQL for examples of projects 
using our installers. Please contact us at info at bitrock.com if you are 
interested in using our installers for your project
Requirements to apply for a free license:
Your project must meet the Open Source Initiative definition of Open Source.
The license can only be used to build installers for your project.
The license cannot be transferred or used for commercial purposes.


Seems interesting. Did you know about it? It works?
Would be a nice installer for 1.4. final  :-)


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