[Scribus] EPS in PDF?

Terry Brown terry_n_brown
Mon Aug 7 01:12:39 CEST 2006

Hi All,

I thought it was possible to embed EPS directly in PDF... but 
perhaps I'm wrong?  Or just some EPSs?  Scribus seems to want to 
convert the EPS to a bitmap first, which works, but with a high 
resolution and colourful EPS it takes a long time to produce and 
makes a big PDF file.

I tried importing the original SVG (from Inkscape) and also the EPS 
(from Inkscape) but the SVG seemed to crash Scribus (or I didn't 
wait long enough, but I waited several minutes) and the EPS came in 
minus the correct colours.

So I'm wondering what the recommended route for getting vector 
images into PDFs through Scribus is - perhaps things drawn in 
Scribus are the most reliable?

(, Mandriva 2006.0, "2400 GHz", 0.5 Gb RAM)

Cheers -Terry

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