[Scribus] Creating Text Frames and other frames

ransom82 ransom1982
Sun Aug 6 21:53:47 CEST 2006


I was watching the conversation on making creating text frames faster,
and I thought I would share a suggestion I have been thinking about
since I started with Scribus.  I am from the world of CAD/CAM;
specifically I am using AlphaCAM.  It's easy to find on the web if
you're interested.  In A-cam (and I think most cad software works
similarly), if I want to create a rectangle, I select the rectangle
command, then I can either type in the x and y coordinates for the
first corner or just click somewhere.  Then I am prompted to do the
same thing for the second corner.  In conjunction with snaps, this is
a very powerful way to draw geometries.  I am curious to know if this
seems as intuitive to people here as it is to me.  Very often in
Scribus, I draw a frame roughly where I want it, then change the start
points and size in the properties.  This seems redundant to me.

The snaps mentioned above also would be helpful to me.  In seems in
the publishing and graphics world, snaps are only to the grid or
guides.  In the CAD world, we can also snap to the endpoints,
midpoints, interesection points, etc of other objects.

I realize this would be a lot of work and goes against the paradigm of
this community, but I would encourage you to try some cad software and
see how it works.


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