[Scribus] scribus 1.3.* /&/ ng object problem

Ludi Maciel iludi
Mon Aug 7 00:24:49 CEST 2006

Em Dom 06 Ago 2006 16:22, stu seven escreveu:
> +    One of the most useful among Scribus features, I consider,
> has been the function allowing accurate repositioning of objects
> in a document, via  up/down  left/right  arrow keys...
>   ...in the newer Scribus' I have installed - and NG - this
> function seems to be missing, with nothing I can see in the
> menus to reset it ?
>      What I get now, instead of one Pixel per keystroke is one
> INCH per keystroke, left-or-right  up-or-down... of course, the object
> can still be moved manually, but this is a weak substitute.
>      Am I missing this setting it in one of the menus, or is this
> possibly a hardcoded error ?  I can imagine some zealous coder
> mistaking ONE pixel for ONE inch - currently how the program
> behaves.
Hi Stu.


   Move item 1 unit (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)   Arrow keys 
   Move item 0.1 units (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)   Shift+Arrow keys 
   Move item 10 units (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)   Control+Arrow keys 
   Move item 0.01 units (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)   Control+Shift+Arrow keys


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