[Scribus] Suggestion for Frames

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Fri Aug 4 17:41:10 CEST 2006

>  >On Thursday 03 August 2006 4:58, avox wrote:
>>>   Thomas Zastrow-4 wrote:
>>>   > I often have to produce documents where a lot of frames (text or -
>>>   > mostly - images) have the same size. So, I can put one frame on the doc,
>>>   > resize it to the correct size and then copy & paste it.
>>>   Or check out the Scrapbook.
>>You'd still have to manually set the x and y postition for the frame though.
>The idea is interesting.
>The actual way in many if not all DTP apps afaik is to use the mouse
>to draw a frame (text or image). Only then is it possible to give
>that frame all sorts of parameters through a dialog box or a palette.
>Typical everyday move in Quark:
>1. Select the text box tool.
>2. Draw a frame
>3. Hit Command-M (Modify menu) and enter the precise values for that
>text box OR
>3a. Go to the floating palette and enter the precise values...
>This is similar in Scribus and in other DTP apps.
>This is how it's been going for years.
>I remember from the early days of Quark, when the machines where
>really slow, that even showing up the Modify dialog on an existing
>text box was a pain. Now that computers are fast and respond quickly,
>it seems the issue went away. But is this so true? I also find we
>have to make lots of mouse clicks to do repetitive tasks, when the
>computer could do it.
>What I think would be great is to be able to set the default

Yes, I know we can set the default in the Prefs but the use of the 
mouse is still compulsory...

>text/image frame (and edit that default at will) and connect it to a
>keyboard shortcut. Better still, but I think it is already on the
>to-do list, to have Frame Styles and give them keyboard shortcuts...
>This would be super fast and super efficient, imo. How it would work
>is simple: when nothing is selected on the page, just hit that
>keyboard shortcut and the corresponding frame appears, all set.
>Imagine that you script this once your frame styles are defined...
>And of course all those frames could be edited one by one or via the
>frame style...
>Among all the options for Frames in the dialog, we could add this one
>for positionning : either user-defined or at mouse position.
>>I agree that the way to go is to wait on MP's getting some more refinement,
>>though the double-clicking idea is intriguing.
>>I've also often wondered if there might be a good way to get "automatic text
>>frames" to automatically give room for headers and footers.  Dunno, just a
>Exactly. Set a Frame Style for headers or anything you can think of
>and simple hit that key, done.
>Curious to see what others think!
>>   > /Andreas
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