[Scribus] Curious problem with PDF-export

Schmidt Peter sp
Fri Aug 4 13:48:20 CEST 2006

2006. augusztus 3. 19.36 d?tummal Thomas Zastrow ezt ?rta:
> Hello!!!
> I build with Scribus under Linux a document with a lot of
> color-photos in it. Because my Inkjet doesn't work under Linux, I
> exported the doc to PDF and started Windows for printing.
> Under Windows (Acrobat Reader 7) the doc looks terrible: The colors of
> the photos are nearly gone, as if you desaturate a picture in Photoshop.
> When I print the PDF from Acrobat, the result is the same.
Have you tried enabling the Color Management in the Document Setup, yet? 
Because, if your printer has ICC profile, then you can use it in the Color 

> Back into Linux, I took a look at the PDF: In Acrobat Reader 7 under
> Linux it looks perfect (!), but now in KPDF the colors are all gone ...
> I think, this seems to be a PDF- and not a Scribus-problem, but perhaps
> it has something to do with the PDF-export?
> If you think it would be useful, I can take some screenshots.
> Best and thank you,
> Tom
> P.S.: Personaly, I solved the problem this way: Opening the doc in
> Scribus under Windows and printed it directly from Scribus ... ;-)

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