[Scribus] Tutorial: progress slows

peterd pral
Wed Aug 2 04:57:46 CEST 2006

having gone from explicit, precise instructions on where to place and 
size items, to at best broad generalizations.

Yes, I found this but then I was using a more recent Scribus version 
when I undertook the tut so it didn't bother me too much.

A couple things I'd like to point out though;  1) Niyam uses jpegs for 
his images.  Is that a good idea considering jpeg is lossy when 
edited/saved? My suggestion would be to change to tiffs.    2) All 
measurements are in metrics (could be imperial for that matter).  
Considering the language of typesetting is points, picas and ciceros (I 
don't know if ciceros are still in use as I'm not from Europe) do you 
think it would be better to use one of these measurements?  ...I 
thinking of DTP newbies here as it will set them off on the right path 
and also help them come to grips quickly with regard to font point sizes 
(ie visualizing size).  Experienced DTP'ers, designers etc can handle 
metric/imperial of course as they're just learning a new app and not the 

The above points are minor - it's no big deal and you have put a lot of 
work into it already... just my two cents worth, thats all   :-)


Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Working on page 6.
> I begin to wonder whether anyone or how many actually went through the 
> tutorial, following the instructions to the end. It seems Niyam must 
> have tired at this point, having gone from explicit, precise 
> instructions on where to place and size items, to at best broad 
> generalizations. Paradoxically, at this point the layout is becoming 
> much more complex. Guides are set up that don't seem to be used, or at 
> least not explained.
> Not so much a rewrite here as completing the detail of something only 
> roughly sketched out.
> I also find that referring to the PDF or the Scribus file to be more 
> work than I want to do (imagining myself as a new Scribus user), so in 
> short, there is much to be done. Example: although many paragraph styles 
> are used in the document, only one is described, using a screenshot of 
> the style editor window.
> So now you may not see much on the site as I anatomically dissect the 
> original so that its construction can be described -- one thing I 
> finally figured out is that he jumped from layer to layer as he went 
> past the first page. We may have to nickname this Niyam's Tutorial and 
> Puzzle.
> Greg
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