[Scribus] Tutorial: progress slows

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Aug 2 03:58:18 CEST 2006

Working on page 6.
I begin to wonder whether anyone or how many actually went through the 
tutorial, following the instructions to the end. It seems Niyam must 
have tired at this point, having gone from explicit, precise 
instructions on where to place and size items, to at best broad 
generalizations. Paradoxically, at this point the layout is becoming 
much more complex. Guides are set up that don't seem to be used, or at 
least not explained.

Not so much a rewrite here as completing the detail of something only 
roughly sketched out.

I also find that referring to the PDF or the Scribus file to be more 
work than I want to do (imagining myself as a new Scribus user), so in 
short, there is much to be done. Example: although many paragraph styles 
are used in the document, only one is described, using a screenshot of 
the style editor window.

So now you may not see much on the site as I anatomically dissect the 
original so that its construction can be described -- one thing I 
finally figured out is that he jumped from layer to layer as he went 
past the first page. We may have to nickname this Niyam's Tutorial and 


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