[Scribus] Tutorial: progress slows

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Aug 3 00:01:55 CEST 2006

peterd wrote:
> Yes, I found this but then I was using a more recent Scribus version 
> when I undertook the tut so it didn't bother me too much.
> A couple things I'd like to point out though;  1) Niyam uses jpegs for 
> his images.  Is that a good idea considering jpeg is lossy when 
> edited/saved? My suggestion would be to change to tiffs.
This is a variant of discussions we've had on the list, and while there
are those who feel as you do that this lossy issue is important, there
are others who feel comfortable with large jpegs. For this tutorial,
it's probably immaterial.
>     2) All measurements are in metrics (could be imperial for that matter).  
> Considering the language of typesetting is points, picas and ciceros (I 
> don't know if ciceros are still in use as I'm not from Europe) do you 
> think it would be better to use one of these measurements?  ...I 
> thinking of DTP newbies here as it will set them off on the right path 
> and also help them come to grips quickly with regard to font point sizes 
> (ie visualizing size).  Experienced DTP'ers, designers etc can handle 
> metric/imperial of course as they're just learning a new app and not the 
> craft.
This too will probably find differing points of view. In order to change
this tutorial from mm to points or whatever, one would only increase the
work of updating it, and what units are used is not any major purpose of
the tutorial anyway.

What we're trying to focus on is a run-through of Scribus's capabilities
with a real project.

Thanks for the feedback.


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