[Scribus] TUX online magazine August, 2006

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Aug 2 02:14:59 CEST 2006

I've read the article in TUX, alleged to be in-depth. Just consider the 
fact that the article consists of 5 of these odd-sized pages TUX is put 
on, that three of the five have screenshots taking up over half the 
space, and the other two have screenshots taking up about 1/4 to 1/3.

In this article, there is much time spent on loading additional fonts, 
the rest on making a PDF form, and the latter keeps referring back to 
the Scribus website. As with most writing in TUX, all of which comes 
from writers who seem to number fewer than the digits on your hand, we 
seem to have better writing in English from many of the non-native 
English speakers on this list -- strange word choice and placement, 
commas appearing randomly in sentences.

In short, TUX is a reasonably attractive online magazine with at best 
weak content. Not that I have an opinion about it.


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