[Scribus] Scribus / XaraLX files

stu seven stu7seven
Tue Aug 1 23:40:55 CEST 2006

+   A long time user of Inkscape, I recently started looking at
 XaraLX - recently GPLd, and now in it's 7th release... it is becoming
 an excellent drawing choice.

     Here's my first question... somewhere I've read that Scribus planned
 to include  *.xar  file import... I have, I believe, the very newest release
 of Scribus (1.3.1 NG), but have not seen *.xar import....  is this still a
 planned feature ?

    XaraLX itself plans to include SVG and PDF export (not yet
 implemented), so, one way or the other there should soon be a way
 to use  xar  files in Scribus documents directly.
     Question two - In the meantime, has anybody seen anything which
can convert  xar  to something Scribus can import ?


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