[Scribus] tips for layout

Pierre-Luc Auclair p.lucauclair
Tue Aug 1 23:58:38 CEST 2006

There's way too much to say on this, you really want to buy/rent a few 
books. And it really depends how far you want to take your designs in 
terms of quality.

The problem with a good layout is that there's no rule of thumb. You 
will require different layouts, on different formats, for different 
application. A history book will often have pretty wide columns with a 
lot of text almost cramped to make the most out of your layout, while a 
newspaper will try to have mo air to breathe, and the narrow columns 
will help reading faster. And if only laying out text require a lot of 
work to setup your grid correctly, mixing images (depends how far you 
want to take it here too) will be even more work.

Margins is something you get to know in the long run, but there is still 
know-how, I recommend books there too.

Choosing fonts is a pretty difficult thing, depending on your criterias. 
You have to take account the origins of the font (Israeli font in 
Libanese work would be a no-no currently), sometimes the ideas of the 
font designer (a right-winger designer in a left-wing design could not 
be well), you have to make sure it fits with your idea (requires feel), 
legibility, does the x-height work with my proportions, etc.

Images, well kind of like for fonts, but totally different. :P

Typical formats can be found on the web, and will probably be relative 
to where you live too.

Way, way too much to say on this.


Hubertus Schlamann wrote:

>Dear list - members,
>I have found some hints for a good layout. It is written in german.
>I think, it would be helpful, if a professional could give us advice about margins, Application of fonts,  Application of images,
>typical formats of brochures or booklets, etc

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