[Scribus] Insert a symbol char - but not really

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Apr 29 20:52:19 CEST 2006

Peter Nermander wrote:
> I think it is totally fine to be able ask a question in any language, but I think it is important that the answer reach as many people as possible (not only those fluent in the language the question was asked).
Let me propose the following scenario:
List poster #1: I have a question... (in English/en fran?ais/auf 
List poster #2: Here is your answer... (in English/en fran?ais/auf 
Deutsch/...). (This must be transmutable -- I may have enough knowledge 
of French that I understand the question, but not enough to respond in 
French, or I may instantly recognize someone struggling in English and 
wish to respond in another language)
List poster #1: Merci. Could you or someone else translate that to 
French so I may better understand it?
List poster #3: I would appreciate if someone could translate that last 
question/response for me.../K?nnen Sie mir sagen da? auf Deutsch.../...

The idea is that if you want help, you are expected to ask for it (in a 
nice way).  The behavior of the list indicates that when people ask for 
help they generally get it.


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