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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Fri Apr 28 14:04:38 CEST 2006

>avox napisa?(a):
>>  Peter Barnes-2 wrote:
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>>>>  Craig Bradney wrote:
>>>>>  Once again, replying in French is fine. We have decided and
>>>>>  reiterated the answer that we will not split up the mailing list
>>>>>  and we want to keep all answers here, in whatever language.
>>>>>  Basically he says  search and replace euros by ? works fine if
>>>>>  you choose the font with the ? symbol.
>>>>  That having been said, many of us are happy with dual language posts,
>>>>  with at least the gist of the conversation in English as an addendum
>>>>  (just like you've done, Craig).
>>>>  Greg
>>>  I agree with Greg and strongly urge that the mailing list encourages at
>>>  least "the gist of the conversation in English" for each posting.
>>>  Otherwise some posts, both current and archived, are going to be
>>>  inaccessible to the majority of people - which would be a great waste of a
>>>  useful resource.
>>>  Also, Craig says French is acceptable. But if all other languages are
>>>  acceptable too, the mailing list could become chaotic in the future -
>>>  especially if there is no "gist of the conversation in English".
>>  While we certainly approve if the gist of a mesage is translated to English,
>>  anyone can post in any language on this ML. The rules are as follows:
>>  - French, German, Finnish, Czech and maybe other languages (even Australian)
>>    are understood by developers and can expect an answer.
>>  - Anyone who understands a posting in another language is invited to
>>  translate
>>    it for the benefit of English speakers.
>>  - Postings in a language which noone else understands are ignored.
>Andreas, thank you for emphasising this once again, that's exactly what
>I've wanted to write.  I think your rules should be placed onto:
>   http://nashi.altmuehlnet.de/mailman/listinfo/scribus
>to avoid this evergreen in the future.
>In a multilingual community like this one it's not of the highest
>priority, that everybody understands everything -- if one e-mail is not
>understood, so be it.

Absolutely. I thought this discussion was over... :)

BTW, I think nothing of critical importance will go through on this 
list because of a language issue whitout any of us being aware of it. 
Many of us have a fair knowledge of more than one language. If a 
question or a discussion is raised on an important issue, we will 
take notice. We can translate it if needed.

I absolutely don't mind when I don't understand a post! (Actually, i 
like to play the game and try to identify the significant words that 
can help me just understand what the issue is) Especially when I see 
answers to it. It means that person was not left over and this is the 
most important. It is always possible for someone to ask what's going 
on without having to start a larger discussion on which language we 
should or shouldn't use.

I don't read all the post even if I could understand them. Some 
things are just beyond me and it's ok. It's not just a matter of 
understanding. It's a matter of time and also a matter of 
concentrating on what is important. Some readers get particularly 
sensible when they don't understand a post (and please, my point is 
not to start a huge discussion...). But is that so important? It 
might be useful to take a few minutes prior to answer and think if 
this has that much importance that it is needed to ask the list to 
become unilingual. This list is a place where I feel at home, 
completely, even if my own language is French (and we work hard to 
keep our language well alive where I live). Some of us have off-list 
conversation about languages, and vocabulary and expressions... We 
can develop our own sensibility to others, other ways of saying 
things, other words to express the reality. Etc.

When someone asks for an english list or for splitting it, I find it 
sad. I think we all make a reasonnable effort to keep the magic of 
this list. The way it is at the moment is, to me, magic.

Merci beaucoup!
Thank you very much!
Danke sh?n!
Grazie mille!
Bolsho? spaciba!


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