[Scribus] Insert a symbol char (also language comment)

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Fri Apr 28 17:04:19 CEST 2006

Am Freitag, 28. April 2006 14:04 schrieb Louis Desjardins:

> >
> >Andreas, thank you for emphasising this once again, that's exactly what
> >I've wanted to write.  I think your rules should be placed onto:
> >
> >   http://nashi.altmuehlnet.de/mailman/listinfo/scribus
> >
> >to avoid this evergreen in the future.
> >
> >In a multilingual community like this one it's not of the highest
> >priority, that everybody understands everything -- if one e-mail is not
> >understood, so be it.
> Absolutely. I thought this discussion was over... :)

This discussion will never end, because new users will bring up the issue once 
in a while. Nothing wrong with it, but it's important not to change the 
policy described by Andreas.

> BTW, I think nothing of critical importance will go through on this
> list because of a language issue whitout any of us being aware of it.
> Many of us have a fair knowledge of more than one language. If a
> question or a discussion is raised on an important issue, we will
> take notice. We can translate it if needed.

AFAICT, most of the developers and the majority of regular visitors here 
speak/write at least two languages. Chances are good nothing gets lost, 
unless the language is quite "exotic" (e.g. Frisian or Basque).

> I absolutely don't mind when I don't understand a post! (Actually, i
> like to play the game and try to identify the significant words that
> can help me just understand what the issue is) Especially when I see
> answers to it. It means that person was not left over and this is the
> most important. It is always possible for someone to ask what's going
> on without having to start a larger discussion on which language we
> should or shouldn't use.

Agreed. It worked, it works, and it will work in the future.

> I don't read all the post even if I could understand them. Some
> things are just beyond me and it's ok. It's not just a matter of
> understanding. It's a matter of time and also a matter of
> concentrating on what is important. Some readers get particularly
> sensible when they don't understand a post (and please, my point is
> not to start a huge discussion...). But is that so important? It
> might be useful to take a few minutes prior to answer and think if
> this has that much importance that it is needed to ask the list to
> become unilingual. This list is a place where I feel at home,
> completely, even if my own language is French (and we work hard to
> keep our language well alive where I live). Some of us have off-list
> conversation about languages, and vocabulary and expressions... We
> can develop our own sensibility to others, other ways of saying
> things, other words to express the reality. Etc.

And even better, once you try to explain things or resolve issues in a foreign 
language, you will be able to explain them in your mother tongue. The 
exercise is really worth the effort.

> When someone asks for an english list or for splitting it, I find it
> sad. I think we all make a reasonnable effort to keep the magic of
> this list. The way it is at the moment is, to me, magic.
> Merci beaucoup!
> Thank you very much!
> Danke sh?n!
> Grazie mille!
> Bolsho? spaciba!
> Louis



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