[Scribus] Insert a symbol char (also language comment)

Le Tigre scribus
Fri Apr 28 13:32:26 CEST 2006

Peter Barnes a ?crit :
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>>From: "Gregory Pittman" <gpittman at iglou.com>
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>>Subject: Re: [Scribus] Insert a symbol char
>>Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 22:48:41 -0400
>>Craig Bradney wrote:
>>>Once again, replying in French is fine. We have decided and 
>>>reiterated the answer that we will not split up the mailing list 
>>>and we want to keep all answers here, in whatever language.
>>>Basically he says  search and replace euros by ? works fine if 
>>>you choose the font with the ? symbol.
>>That having been said, many of us are happy with dual language posts,
>>with at least the gist of the conversation in English as an addendum
>>(just like you've done, Craig).
> I agree with Greg and strongly urge that the mailing list encourages at least "the gist of the conversation in English" for each posting. Otherwise some posts, both current and archived, are going to be inaccessible to the majority of people - which would be a great waste of a useful resource.
> Also, Craig says French is acceptable. But if all other languages are acceptable too, the mailing list could become chaotic in the future - especially if there is no "gist of the conversation in English".
> In general, I love the variety of languages, and I mean no disrespect to those who prefer their own language to English, but communication and accessibility surely come first on a technical Internet mailing list?
> Peter
I remember that in november 2005 when I came to Scribus I asked wether 
we could make a different mailing list, only in French, and the devs 
sais that it was better to keep only 1 list, multilingual.
I remember that I saw some messages in German, in Portguese, and I 
thought that was good for people who speak this language and are lost in 
I remember that I try to make many efforts for writing the majority of 
my posts in English: all my questions are in English, but for some 
answers for french-language users I use French better than nothing (it 
takes 1 minute in French, 5 minutes in English, for me). What is better? 
Helping a few people (those who understand French, for this question) or 
And that answer was not a tremendous idea, just a way of using 
find/replace - I think there had many answers explaining that, in English...


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