[Scribus] Insert a symbol char (also language comment)

Janet Hawtin lucychili
Fri Apr 28 18:45:07 CEST 2006

On 4/29/06, avox <avox at arcor.de> wrote:

> Uh? Dean and some fellow Australians have broken the irons which
> the British providently put onto all non-native Australians,
> and now they are killing crows by throwing stones at them?
> I didn't know there were crows in Australia...
> Still puzzled,
> /Andreas

Yup crows and croweaters, although we dont eat them so pfft who knows.

Heres some gotchas
aus > english
average = useless, dreadful
knackered = tired
bugger = drat, bother
and like smillas feeling for snow:
green can, blue can, red can, white can, green can, 4x, tinny,
longneck, schooner, pint, coldie, middie are all = beer. although
different states think schooners and pints are different sizes.

We have had a couple of people come to work with our computing
volunteer group to work on their English skills for immigration exams
for eg. Canada, and I do wonder if it helps. =) We are a bit
linguistically bent.

Onya for a diverse list


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