[Scribus] "Le Tigre" n°3 in PDF

Le Tigre scribus
Thu Apr 13 13:46:30 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

for people you want to have a look at "Le Tigre", the weekly that we 
make with Scribus, we decided to give free access to number 3 in PDF.

In the same time, we explain to the people from internet that the 
newspaper, which doesn't accept any ads, have only his readers for 
getting funds (translation? I mean: to earn the mnoy that let us making 
the newspaper).

All the details and the link for pdf here: 

Please note that the PDF hadn't been make via Scribus. It's the one that 
our printer make after the pages imposition (because we're making the 
Tigre on 4 different computers, and send the pages by little groups).

Number 5 will release tomorrow.


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