[Scribus] Using scribus at multiple sites to edit one document

robert robert
Tue Apr 11 13:35:13 CEST 2006

On Monday 10 April 2006 13:44, Calum Polwart wrote:
> Not sure how to describe what I may want to be able to do - but I'll try
> - then you can all laugh and I can forget about it for a few years...
> Two of us 'edit' a newsletter.  Strictly speaking my colleague edits,
> and I do the DTP.  Then being an editor he gets the lay-ed out version
> and changes things... ...at the moment that's done by email, so he sends
> me an email saying - please change paragraph 4 on page 6 to... and I
> manually tweak...
> What I'd like to do is let him edit the sla file directly, now that
> there is a suitable windows version...  In itself that's easy enough -
> there's a function to 'bundle it all up' and send it to him (can't
> remember proper name).  The files are huge (60-90Mb?) so it would be on
> CD.  He could edit it, re-write to CD and send back to me to do final
> DTP bits and send to printers... all a bit 'old fashioned'.  He lives
> 300 miles away.
> So what's the modern electronic way?  Can I put the files on a server
> and somehow give him access.  I tend to find even with the images on a
> Samba Server I get 'missing image' messages a lot, with big red X's -
> obviously something with the Samba Path goes astray.  Would scribus cope
> with a file remotely hosted? How would I host it? Would it involve
> downloading the whole 60-90Mb each and every time a file is opened?
> For Word Users - i think Office 2003 has this type of shared document
> feature - although I have no idea how its actually used...
> Calum

Maybe attacking the problem from a different angle might work better. I've 
used the free version of nx server (main site is http://www.nomachine.com/; 
at least get the free client from there) from time to time for remote access 
and it worked well for me. Maybe transfering the files isn't necessary. Just 
let him work on the files remotely.

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