[Scribus] Using scribus at multiple sites to edit one document

Calum Polwart scribus
Mon Apr 10 23:33:19 CEST 2006

> > provided both of you have the same fonts installed (under the same name) or, 
> > more specifically, the fonts used in the sla file, you don't need to exchange 
> > the images all the time. If you do the layout work and your colleague does 
> > the text work, you can send the file back and forth without the images. What 
> > is important is that you always save the file back to the original directory 
> > to make sure the paths to the pictures remain intact.
> >   
> If you had access to a server you could both use that, perhaps having a 
> self-contained directory for each newsletter. 

Have a server of my own - but would obviously need to give him access...

> As Christoph says, though, 
> you would likely very quickly not want to waste time repeatedly sending 
> images back and forth.

That's an option...

>  Remember that the contents of a text frame can be 
> saved as a text file, which entails considerably less overhead 
> transporting -- could even be sent as an email attachment if not too big.

But presumably I still need to manually import them back in? Or can I
link text files like pictures so that if the text changes the text in
the scribus file changes?
He currently sends me word documents which are then imported in, but
then he'll decide to tweak the text,.,..


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