[Scribus] How to export in AI-10 for Scribus ?

Meechmunchie meechmunchie
Mon Apr 10 15:16:47 CEST 2006

PLinnell schrieb:

> I *will* be writing some docs on howto export from AI 10+ for use with 
> Scribus and Inkscape, but that is not going to be done for another 
> couple of weeks.

That's is wonderful !   :-)
Take the time You need. You can write me an e-mail for testing or so. 
I'm using normal AI 10.0 out of the box on Windows XP.

> We need test files like this so we can add the 
> missing bits.

I can produce / make some for you if the is any necessary.

> The other thing to note is AI adds its own special bits  to EPS files 
> which is only used in other Adobe applications.

Damn, I'm frightened about this, hrhr.

> The best results are obtained not from the defaults, but exporting the 
> most 'neutral' EPS possible using  the export options.

'Kay. I will try next time.

> Hope that helps,

Of course.
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