[Scribus] How to export in AI-10 for Scribus ?

PLinnell mrdocs
Mon Apr 10 14:28:30 CEST 2006

On Monday 10 April 2006 13:49, Meechmunchie wrote:
> Pierre-Luc Auclair schrieb:
> >> ---> http://home.arcor.de/meechmunchie/ix-tech/
> >
> > I see. That's in bug tracker I guess?
> Just at the moment I don't know how, category, description and so
> on, I can write this to the bugtracker.
> > Have you been able to pinpoint what can
> > and cannot be imported?
> Sorry. Till today I hadn't the time to test and try this detail for
> detail. ;-)


A comment: I looked at those screen shots, but I *very* rarely use 
jpeg, but png for screenshots. It avoids compression artifacts and 
frequently they are smaller than jpeg, unless you really lose 

The other is if you can a: provide a link to the EPS files or submit 
them as an attachment to http://bugs.scribus.net, we the developers 
cannot really help.

I *will* be writing some docs on howto export from AI 10+ for use with 
Scribus and Inkscape, but that is not going to be done for another 
couple of weeks.

The EPS/PS importer has had a number of improvements in 1.3.3, but it 
is not yet perfect. We need test files like this so we can add the 
missing bits.

The other thing to note is AI adds its own special bits  to EPS files 
which is only used in other Adobe applications. Look at an EPS from 
AI in text editor ;-)

The best results are obtained not from the defaults, but exporting the 
most 'neutral' EPS possible using  the export options.

Hope that helps,


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