[Scribus] resizing graphics inside a frame - a novice question

Gertjan Hofman gertjan_hofman
Mon Apr 10 07:22:33 CEST 2006

Having worked on a number of large software projects,
mail messages like these can be annoying...but I would
appreciate the help.

I want to do something very simple - insert a picture
on a page without having to set the size in gimp. I
create a picture frame, I Get Image and end up with a
cropped image inside the frame. How can I scale the
image inside  Scribus ? (i.e. fit the image to the
frame) This seems so trivial but I have stared at the
menus, read the manual and searched the archives. What
makes me feel a little better is that my girlfriend, a
professional book designer with years of
Quark/InDesign experience can't work it out either.
Surely this is possible ?

Perhaps it's a keyboard issue - I am runnng FC4, KDE
3.5, scribus 1.3.2. No combination of alt, ctrl seem
to give the options I need. 

Much appreciated,


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