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キャピエ ファブリス kappamonagare
Mon Apr 10 06:08:10 CEST 2006

Thank you for your quick answer.

Kite wrote :
> Fabrice, did you preselect a Japanese font before

Yes I selected a standard Japanese font.

>And inputing Chinese characters directly on the main page
other than in
>story editor is really painful because I can only input
one Chinese
>character each time (using SCIM input method here).
Within story editor,
>I can input a chain of Chinese phrase at a time.

On my system, I cannot type Japanese at all in the
textbox, I have to use the story editor (the Input Method
refuses to switch to Japanese characters in the main

>Due to large size factor of most Chinese fonts and the
way Scribus
>handling fonts, great amount of RAM is occupied once
Chinese fonts are
>loaded and Scribus will become very slow and barely
usable. I hope that
>the coming 1.4 will improve this shortcoming with the new
text engine. 

Indeed, it is rather slow at the moment but I do not
despair yet : I'm fine with the idea that the devloppers
concentrate more on the solidity of the code and its
fonctionality than on its optimisation at this time.  

Craig wrote:
>What version are you using, with what input method, and
on what 
>platform? I've been unable to reproduce this issue, but
reports of it 
>keep on turning up, and I'd really like some details.

Sorry, I forgot to describe my system in the post...
Scribus Version : 1.3.3 (downloaded binary)
OS : WinXp SP2 Japanese
IME : Microsoft Natural Input 2002 ver. 8.1 and Microsoft
IME Standard 2002 ver. 8.1 (tried both)

I found a slight difference between the 2 IMEs in the
story editor : 
->with Natural Input, I can input Japanese and it looks
normal, except that it does not appear in the text box
when I update, and Scribus crashes when I try to change
text attributes.
->with IME Standard, there is another glitch that makes me
think that it is indeed a problem with the input editor.
If you have never used a Japanese input method, here is
how it works basically : you type, in roman letters, the
sound you wish to write and the characters transform
automatically to Japanese characters. During the input,
pressing space switches between homonym characters and you
terminate the input of a string by hitting return. Until
you hit return, the "live" part of the input (the part
that you are currently typing and whose characters can be
changed by hitting space) appears on a grey background to
differentiate it from the rest of the text. With IME
Standard selected as default input method, the input text
keeps its grey background even after you have hit the
return key. It actually turns to a normal looking
character string (white background) when you start
inputting  a new string. This behaviour makes me feel like
the data is written by the input method but it is not
properly received by Scribus (thus, it crashes when you
try to change the properties of this phantom text.)

>It would also be helpful if you could try copying &
pasting some 
>Japanese text in from somewhere else, such as from your
web browser. 
>Please try both pasting into the story editor and pasting
directly into 
>the canvas. That aught help to isolate whether the issue
is input-method 
>related, or related to the handling of the text its self
(maybe a local 
>encoding issue?).

This was a very good advice you gave me : pasting text
either in the textbox or in the story editor works
correctly and text parameters can be changed without
problem. (Note : if you paste in a textbox directly, you
will get red patches instead of characters and a "Glyphs
Missing" error in the Preflight Verifier as the default
font does not support Japanese characters. Changing the
font solves the problem instantly)

I hope it helps, do not hesitate to ask me for more
details if some parts are unclear or if I forgot to give
required information.

Fabrice C.

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