[Scribus] Japanese Suport

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Apr 9 05:26:38 CEST 2006

Fabrice Capiez wrote:

>I also tried with Korean and the result appears to be mangled. More 
>preciesely, in the case of Japanese, text appears in the text editor but 
>when you update the textbox and return to the document , all the 
>Japanese characters are gone ;
What version are you using, with what input method, and on what 
platform? I've been unable to reproduce this issue, but reports of it 
keep on turning up, and I'd really like some details.

>if you try to edit the Japanese text in 
>the editor (change the font size etc..) Scribus crashes.
Ouch. Same as above - platform, version, and input method please. If 
you're on Mac OS X please look in the Console application for the crash 
dump generated by Mac OS X when Scribus crashed, and paste that into a 
bug report on http://bugs.scribus.net/ . If you're on Linux, please use 
`gdb' to get a backtrace (instructions here: 
http://gaim.sourceforge.net/gdb.php) . Unfortunately there isn't a way 
to get a crash dump on Windows at the moment if that's what you're using.

>I imagine that you are already aware of this but my next question is : 
>is there a way to help you with solving this problem ? I am afraid that 
>I am not even familiar with QT (yes, wxPython person...), so I am not 
>sure if I can actually be of any help but "La volonte est la".
The first thing you could do would be to help track down the problem by 
helping one of the team reproduce the problem on their computers. Mostly 
that'll just involve poking around to figure out what might be different 
on your computer.

>PS : Bonus question that has nothing to do with the subject : does 
>anyone know of a good freeware that could inspect a PDF file with an 
>eyedrop tool ? I would like to be able to check easily the exact values 
>of CMYK output by Scribus when generating a PDF file. Right now, I am 
>evaluating Scribus on my personal computer and I am not really willing 
>to buy a PitStop license just for this...
Nope. Demos of Enfocus PitStop and Adobe Acrobat Pro are available and 
might suffice for short term use, but the full versions are seriously 

Craig Ringer

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