[Scribus] Japanese Suport

kitelau kitelau
Sun Apr 9 05:10:31 CEST 2006

I think the situation for CJK is the same. For Chinese here, I have to
preselect a Chinese font for the text to be input, or the characters
will not show on the main page. Fabrice, did you preselect a Japanese
font before inputing?

And inputing Chinese characters directly on the main page other than in
story editor is really painful because I can only input one Chinese
character each time (using SCIM input method here). Within story editor,
I can input a chain of Chinese phrase at a time.

Due to large size factor of most Chinese fonts and the way Scribus
handling fonts, great amount of RAM is occupied once Chinese fonts are
loaded and Scribus will become very slow and barely usable. I hope that
the coming 1.4 will improve this shortcoming with the new text engine. 



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