[Scribus] Japanese Suport

Fabrice Capiez kappamonagare
Sun Apr 9 02:50:31 CEST 2006


I have been reading the (very active) Scribus ML for quite a while and 
toying with Scribus itself. Up until now, I find it really interesting a 
project (as is obviously the case of everyone here, I expect), but still 
cannot put it to a practical use at work yet.
 Last release got me interseted even more as it has been translated to 
Japanese and supports unicode. Reading the specs, I thought "at last, my 
colleagues will be able to give a try to Scribus", but after installing 
the new version and reading the docs in more detail, I found out that 
the input Japanese is actually not suported.
I also tried with Corean and the result appears to be mangled. More 
preciesely, in the case of Japanese, text appears in the text editor but 
when you update the textbox and return to the document , all the 
Japanese characters are gone ; if you try to edit the Japanese text in 
the editor (change the font size etc..) Scribus crashes. In the case of 
Corean, some characters are displayed but it seems to me that they are 
mangled (my Corean is rather dusty so I might be mistaken).
I imagine that you are already aware of this but my next question is : 
is there a way to help you with solving this problem ? I am afraid that 
I am not even familiar with QT (yes, wxPython person...), so I am not 
sure if I can actually be of any help but "La volonte est la".

Looking forward to being able to help you in the extent of my skills,

Fabrice C.

PS : Bonus question that has nothing to do with the subject : does 
anyone know of a good freeware that could inspect a PDF file with an 
eyedrop tool ? I would like to be able to check easily the exact values 
of CMYK output by Scribus when generating a PDF file. Right now, I am 
evaluating Scribus on my personal computer and I am not really willing 
to buy a PitStop license just for this...

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