[Scribus] OT: Inkscape color question

Gregor Fellenz gf_public
Tue Apr 4 22:42:30 CEST 2006

pixelnate wrote:
> That is unfortunate. So at the risk of beating a dead horse, is there a 
> vector illustration app for linux/OSS that does support CMYK?
good question, but probably better asked at the inkscape mailinglist.

> I would use Scribus (so not completely OT) to place my SVG files and 
> trust Scribus to make a PDF for me, but for some strange reason the PDFs 
> I have been trying to print do not print well. By that I mean, that the 
> reds are washed out and the overall color density is way low. The 
> strange part is that if I take that PDF and place it in Illustrator the 
> colors print fine (aside from the RGB->CMYK conversion problem). Also, I 
> cannot figure out how to save a PDF file from Scribus that keeps the 
> vectors intact so that I can edit the PDF in Illustrator.
> Any thoughts?
in the art lab thread there was a notion that the newest development
version of inkscape implemented littlecms, which means this will do more
or less the same like your workflow with scribus.

in my point of view there is not much worth in converting cmyk values
from an svg in cmyk values in a pdf  through a color management process.

most of the time you've a special cmyk value for your printwork and
don't want to get strang .x values.


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