[Scribus] ruler precision

frank gaude' tanzen
Sat Apr 1 20:25:05 CEST 2006

Matt Haber wrote:
> I've waited to reply until I had 1.3.3 running as well (too lazy to boot 
> to linux, so this is based on the newly released 1.3.3 on 
> Win32)....still the same issue at 100%. Also, i'm curious if the way 
> fractional inches are represented seems at least different, 
> compared to the norm, to those who use inches?
> -matt
I have three computers, each with different size monitors, 21", 17", and 
14". Only the 14" shows just 1/4" inch ticks. What size monitor(s) are 
you working with?

I see nothing unusual about the way the fractional inches show in 
Scribus, comparing to InDesign, PageMaker, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop. 


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