[Scribus] Code changes for importing tables as text

Nik scribus
Mon Oct 31 13:58:19 CET 2005

Hi All,

Thank you to everyone who read my posts, and suggested answers, I am 
happily constructing my table-infested document as we speak (or read).

However, in the longer term, I still believe that it would save me time 
and effort if scribus could import tables directly from those files 
formats that support them.

I have already looked at the code, and want to have a plan for this 
complete over the next two weeks (the work is relatively minor, but I 
want to ensure I'm starting with a resonable design, and I don't have a 
lot of free time.

Following is a little over a page of explanation of my current planned 


I would really appreciate any feedback from any developers, on which 
approach (whther it be one I've suggested, or a completely different 
one) would be best. I would also welcome any input from users on what 
features might be useful.


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