[Scribus] Importing Tables

Nik scribus
Mon Oct 31 04:19:35 CET 2005

Hi Christof,

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.

Christof hat geschrieben:
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> Hi Nik,
>>Further tests confirmed that it is possible to import an OpenOffice 
>>table into OpenOffice Draw, export as EPS, and then import the 
>>PostScript into scribus.
>>However, after importing the first 3 tables (of 38), scribus has ground 
>>to a halt processing, a file save takes in the order of minutes, and the 
>>resulting file is 33 Mbytes in size. This approach clearly isn't going 
>>to work for this project.
> Just one question: Did you import the EPS files via "File - Import" or 
> into a picture frame?

Well, yes and no, as it turns out...

> You may want to try the latter since the first way 
> imports EPS as an editable vector object. This can eat much of your RAM. 
> I suggest importing as an image.
> Just my 2 cents ...

And extremely valuable 2c they are too!

I had imported the EPS into a Image frame, but I had done the following:

1. Select the image frame
2. Select File | Import EPS

As you point out, this imported as vectors.

However, given your email indicated there was a difference, I tried 
selecting the image frame, and then "Get Image". This imports much more 
quickly, and from the small test I have already tried, I expect it to 
work for all 38 tables in the one document.

Thank you again for your reply.

As an aside, since I have invested the time and effort, I still plan on 
adding code to import tables from documents at a later time (once I've 
completed this document, and the one that is to follow). I will post on 
this separately later.


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