[Scribus] Big Project - Question/Comments

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Oct 31 01:53:16 CET 2005

Bart Alberti wrote:

>You took the words out of my mouth. But Word Perfect also has good 
>import / export filters and they support sgml, too. Is it still 
>available for Linux?
Alas, for all practical purposes, Wordperfect for Linux is dead. I still 
have an old Gateway laptop (total HD space = 4GB, RAM = 64MB, /and/ it 
was dual-boot Windows/Linux) kept alive with transplanted parts that 
runs RedHat 6.2, which was the last RH version that natively supported 
the "real" Wordperfect for Linux version 8 -- after that it was the MS 
version (more or less) running on WINE, and it stank (or is it stunk?).
There was a rumor that I could not track down that the current owners of 
WP were toying with Linux and a version was available on a limited 
basis. I also find sites that suggest that with some rather complex 
instructions, incantations and no doubt voodoo that one can get the old 
v. 8 to run on modern kernels, but I'm skeptical. One of the "features" 
of the WP for Linux was that they used their own printer drivers, so 
you'd be able to get drivers no more modern than RH 6.2(!).


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