[Scribus] Big Project - Question/Comments

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Sun Oct 30 07:39:24 CET 2005

> I am currently working on a book-type project.  In the end I want to have 
> three digital versions ... one in plain text, one in HTML format, and the 
> third in PDF format.  

For such a project I would go for DocBook or some other SGML-DTD where there are suitable DSSSL stylesheets available. These are well tested and fully working solutions.


The problem might be to find an SGML editor that is nice to work with (in most Open Source editors I have found you have to write the SGML tags, they don't "hide" the code like a Word Preocessor would do).

And of course any tweaking of the stylesheets will probably be very hard.

But from one source you will be able to more or less automatically get pdf, html (single page and multiple pages), plain text (single file and multiple files), postscript and probably some more versions.


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