[Scribus] Big Project - Question/Comments

Andreas Vox avox
Sun Oct 30 09:16:30 CET 2005

Marshal Lake wrote:
> I am currently working on a book-type project.  In the end I want to 
> have
> three digital versions ... one in plain text, one in HTML format, and 
> the
> third in PDF format.  I am nearing completion of the plain text 
> version.
> I have many images to include in the project which will not be part of 
> the
> plain text version but will be part of the HTML and PDF versions.
> I have experience in HTML but I have never created anything in PDF 
> format
> before.  I have yet to use Scribus for a project but I have a little
> experience in desktop publishing having worked with PageStream (I 
> believe
> it was called) on the Atari some 15 to 18 years ago.  :)
> I was thinking that I would create the HTML version of the project 
> next,
> and then the PDF version using Scribus.  But it occurred to me that
> possibly an HTML version can be automagically created from Scribus.  Is
> this possible?  It seems to me that saving a project in HTML out of
> Scribus would not be too difficult.  If it's not possible now, is it in
> the works?
> I'm open to any and all comments and/or suggestions concerning my 
> project
> and how to proceed.  (It's a big project ... the plain text version 
> being
> a little under 5 MB currently.)

I recommend LyX, which has a Word-like frontend and uses LaTeX as 

* LaTeX handles really large file including page references, indices 
and bibliography
* LyX / LaTeX can split the document into several files, allowing 
smooth editing
* LyX produces PDF, PS, HTML, Text and any other format you have a 
commandline converter for. This m eans you can choose the LaTeX -> HTML 
converter which suits you best
* LyX allows inserting and previewing images inside the gui; it also 
has controls to scale and rotate images
* the LyX gui is much faster than Scribus
* if you need math formulas, LyX is your friend
* Font choice is somewhat limited by default but with some tweaking you 
can use any Type1 / TTF font. You probably do not want to use the 
standard LaTeX Computer Modern font (too wide spread), but Palatino and 
Computer Modern Bright would be two alternatives.

* LaTeX has some build in resource limits which are sometimes triggered 
in complex projects. AFAIK these do *not* relate to plain text, though, 
since LaTeX always sets one page at a time.
* if you need a fancy page layout, you need to find a suitable LaTeX 
document class (a kind of template) first. The more conservative book 
styles arre well supported (one or two columns, regular typearea, 
footnotes, margin notes, displayed tables / formulae / images, floating 
tables / diagrams, TOC, index, bibliography).
* the following features are not supported by LaTeX: complex 
multicolumn layout, complex flows of text around images, WordArt 
tricks, layered layout. Don't get me wrong: all this *is* possible with 
LaTeX, but it's difficult and not recommended if you are new to LaTeX.

So, what kind of document layout did you have in mind? Book-like could 
be anything from Harry Potter VIII to reference manuals or art 


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