[Scribus] The "Great Breakage" is over ???

Nik scribus
Fri Oct 28 05:42:22 CEST 2005

Greg wrote:

 >> Scribus 1.3.x has been quite stable up to now. Expect some rough 
waters ahead!
 > The other thing one should do regardless is save a backup of the last 
Scribus directory (eg, 'cp -r Scribus oldScribus') that worked (both 
built properly and functioned properly). /Then/ update from cvs. It 
would be a lot easier than trying to restore an older cvs version.
 > Greg

Never a truer word spoken. This is excellent advice!

I always archive the RPM (or whatever) if I did a binary install, the 
TAR file if I downloaded the source that way, or a TAR of the CVS 
directory, after any successful install. Burning a CD is a particularly 
good way of archiving such files... :o)


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