[Scribus] Importing Tables

Nik scribus
Fri Oct 28 05:40:41 CEST 2005

Peter, Craig,

Thank you again for taking the time to respond.

Peter wrote:
>>[...] However, the
>>print preview looks nasty, and hardcopy simpy does not print -
>>either the pages with the imported PDF don't print, or the entire
>>document doesn't print. If I delete the image frame with the
>>imported PDF, the page(s) or document prints again.
> Known issue in print preview with GS 8.50+. Its cosmetic and works 
> fine when CMYK is disabled in the print preview. 

Ok, thanks for that - I should have searched the archives for this.
Actually, I've found I already had CMYK disabled in print preview.
FWIW, I got this behaviour also when scribus was using GS 7.07 as well.

I've also tried a further suggestion from Craig to adjust the PostScript 
level in scribus print settings, and this got the page to print, 
although the output it not yet right. I presume the fonts can be fixed, 
but the lines between the table cells are not visible either.

> Printing directly from Scribus might be an issue with GS 7.07 on your 
> system. Try exporting PDF 1.3 and print from acrobat reader 5 or 7.

Ok, I've tried this, and the result is way better than from scribus at 
the moment. However, while some lines between cells are visible, at 
least 30% aren't. I'll try playing with dpi settings in the PDF output...

>>Could there be some font problem that is affecting the imported
> Ghostscript needs access to, at minimum, the Ghostscript fonts URW 
> fonts. See: http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=gsfont

I'll look into that again. I've updated this machine a few times since I 
last did this, so it may need redoing.

>>mrdocs on the IRC told me I should consider using a scribus binary,
>>so I am about to try building 1.3.2. Perhaps that will resolve

Oops: that sould have read: "...told me I should consider *not* using a 
binary release..."

On the same topic, Craig wrote:
> What printer are you printing to?
> Try exporting to PDF and printing the PDF from Adobe Reader or KPDF. If you 
> have a laser printer you might need to select the right PostScript level when 
> printing.

I'm printing to a Kyocera-Mita KM2530.

Thanks! Adjusting the postscript level in scibus got the page to print, 
although the fonts are rough, and the lines between cells are all missing.

I'll tinker with it a bit over the next few days, and see if I can't get 
  acceptable output.

Thank you both for your time and patience.

I would like to add that the previous document I laid out using scribus 
was a real dream. Importing text from a WP into scribus frames is just 
too easy for WORDs. :o)

Thank you to everyone who has made Scribus the quality product it 
already is.

Secondly, having just built a 1.3.2 version from CVS, I have to say that 
1.3 is looking *very* nice. Because of the file compatability issues, I 
was planning on staying on 1.2 until 1.3 is deemed *ready* - or is now a 
good time to go to 1.3.2, and then stay there awhile?


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