[Scribus] import styles from OO

Le Tigre scribus
Fri Oct 28 12:39:57 CEST 2005

Quoting Craig Bradney <cbradney at zip.com.au>:

>> I also would like a feature as Raphael describes. What I found was that
>> I was continually tweaking paragraph styles in Scribus itself and
>> didn't want to have to keep updating them in two places (Scribus AND
>> OpenOffice). I also wanted to keep the OO file as the master for text,
>> but what I ended up doing was importing once and editing in place  in
>> Scribus. In one case, OO couldn't see one of the fonts that Scribus
>> could so I couldn't set an OO style properly anyway. (Fonts is one
>> of those murky areas I need to look into more.)
>> I realize that in a "real" DTP workflow, I should have all the tweaking
>> taken care of before working with content, but even so, once I get
>> styles set up just so in Scribus, most of the time I don't need to
>> set them up in as much detail in the OO import doc.
> In this case, import but do not import the styles. Choose "Text Only" on the
> import window. In this case the pure text will be imported and no styles. You
> can then apply them from within Scribus.
> Craig

But what we want is that the people who work on OO can choose the 
styles that we
are using in Scribus. We give to the author a list of styles (heading,
normal_text, etc.) that he will use in OO and when we import the text, the
styles become automatically our Scribus' styles (the idea is to avoid the
re-definition of the styles in Scribus).


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