[Scribus] import styles from OO

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Oct 27 20:11:06 CEST 2005

On Thursday 27 October 2005 16:12, Carol Kankelborg wrote:
> Le Tigre wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I want to import a text from OpenOffice in which the important thing is
> > the name of the styles but not the style in itself.
> > Let me explain: I have many styles in Scribus, with specific names, and I
> > want to import texts from different versions of OpenOffice, from
> > different computers (without the sames fonts, etc.).
> > What I would like, it's, in OO, to create the styles with the sames names
> > than my Scribus styles and after the importation that the text
> > automatically become Scribus-styles like.
> > When I import my text, I don't click any option (update, merge...): so
> > the text is imported WITH the good names of the styles BUT the style is
> > not efficient. Example: in OO, the style texte_normal is defined by Arial
> > 12 pt, and in Scribus the style texte_normal is Times 10 pt: afer the
> > import, in Scribus the text shows itself in style:texte_normal but it
> > remains Arial 12 pt, and I have to change manually from texte_normal to
> > texte_normal for making it Times 10 pt (and so  the styles' import is
> > unuseful).
> > Am I clear?
> > Have you any idea?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Raphael
> I also would like a feature as Raphael describes. What I found was that
> I was continually tweaking paragraph styles in Scribus itself and
> didn't want to have to keep updating them in two places (Scribus AND
> OpenOffice). I also wanted to keep the OO file as the master for text,
> but what I ended up doing was importing once and editing in place  in
> Scribus. In one case, OO couldn't see one of the fonts that Scribus
> could so I couldn't set an OO style properly anyway. (Fonts is one
> of those murky areas I need to look into more.)
> I realize that in a "real" DTP workflow, I should have all the tweaking
> taken care of before working with content, but even so, once I get
> styles set up just so in Scribus, most of the time I don't need to
> set them up in as much detail in the OO import doc.

In this case, import but do not import the styles. Choose "Text Only" on the 
import window. In this case the pure text will be imported and no styles. You 
can then apply them from within Scribus.

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