[Scribus] import styles from OO

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Thu Oct 27 16:12:39 CEST 2005

Le Tigre wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to import a text from OpenOffice in which the important thing is the name
> of the styles but not the style in itself.
> Let me explain: I have many styles in Scribus, with specific names, and I want
> to import texts from different versions of OpenOffice, from different computers
> (without the sames fonts, etc.).
> What I would like, it's, in OO, to create the styles with the sames names than
> my Scribus styles and after the importation that the text automatically become
> Scribus-styles like.
> When I import my text, I don't click any option (update, merge...): so the text
> is imported WITH the good names of the styles BUT the style is not efficient.
> Example: in OO, the style texte_normal is defined by Arial 12 pt, and in Scribus
> the style texte_normal is Times 10 pt: afer the import, in Scribus the text
> shows itself in style:texte_normal but it remains Arial 12 pt, and I have to
> change manually from texte_normal to texte_normal for making it Times 10 pt
> (and so  the styles' import is unuseful).
> Am I clear?
> Have you any idea?
> Thanks
> Raphael

I also would like a feature as Raphael describes. What I found was that
I was continually tweaking paragraph styles in Scribus itself and
didn't want to have to keep updating them in two places (Scribus AND
OpenOffice). I also wanted to keep the OO file as the master for text,
but what I ended up doing was importing once and editing in place  in
Scribus. In one case, OO couldn't see one of the fonts that Scribus
could so I couldn't set an OO style properly anyway. (Fonts is one
of those murky areas I need to look into more.)

I realize that in a "real" DTP workflow, I should have all the tweaking
taken care of before working with content, but even so, once I get
styles set up just so in Scribus, most of the time I don't need to
set them up in as much detail in the OO import doc.

Having an option in the import dialog to
"Apply Scribus Style to identically-named OO styles" would be nice.
Sort of the opposite of the existing "Update."

While we're on this topic, is there a tutorial around that describes
a good workflow using OO and Scribus? This was my first time using
this feature (and what a feature!) but felt like there was so much
more I could have done to make the integration easier but didn't know
what that was.

Carol Kankelborg

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