[Scribus] Importing Tables

Nik scribus
Thu Oct 27 14:15:56 CEST 2005


Thanks for your quick reply.

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> On Thursday 27 October 2005 11:28, Nik wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>I have been given a 58 page document in OpenOffice WP format.[...]
>>Scattered amongst the 58 pages there are 39 tables.

> Scribus tables are at best experimental. They are useful for various functions 
> if you want to play around and you can achieve some decent results. However, 
> in the end, they are pretty much simply a group of frames. I would guess you 
> could use some logic to traverse the table frame group for import.

This sounds like what I'm after - however, I've haven't managed to find 
the class(es) which implement the table frame. Any ideas?

> TBH, depending on your requirements, if the formatting is complete in OO.org, 
> I would export as PDF and import those into image frames and see how that 
> goes.

I did try that before. The PDF import is much quicker than the EPS 
import, but I haven't been able to get acceptable output to the printer. 
I've just compiled and installed GS 8.53, and the screen rendering of 
the imported PDF is now much better. However, the print preview looks 
nasty, and hardcopy simpy does not print - either the pages with the 
imported PDF don't print, or the entire document doesn't print. If I 
delete the image frame with the imported PDF, the page(s) or document 
prints again.

Could there be some font problem that is affecting the imported PDF?

mrdocs on the IRC told me I should consider using a scribus binary, so I 
am about to try building 1.3.2. Perhaps that will resolve things.


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