[Scribus] Another book done with Scribus...

Thomas Koll tomk32
Sun Oct 23 10:27:26 CEST 2005

Am 23.10.2005 um 01:33 schrieb Loki:

>> There's no need to repeat the mistakes of others.
>> No one cares about widows or orphans nowadays
> Did you see any widows and orphans in my text? Or all y'all just  
> digressing into a tangent? ;-D

page 9 at the bottom but it surely depends on what you define
as paragraph. but it's a person speaking so, to avoid a pause
during reading it's better not to have a page break here.
page 11 second column top. a few hyphens should make it possible
to shorten that paragraph.
I didn't buy the whole d/l version so I didn't see any other ;-)

But the widows/orphans thing wasn't specially targeted to you,
it's just a common pattern that those who indent the first
paragraph after a heading also don't know about widows/ophans.
At least that's my opinon.

> It's interesting, I try to avoid widows and orphans in general,  
> though not aggressively. This was before I even learned the terms,  
> which I didn't know until I looked 'em up just now. ;-D

The German names are much cooler:
Schusterjungen (sons of a shoemaker) and Hurenkinder (childs of a whore)

ciao, tom


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