[Scribus] open dtp livecd (ctd.)

Boštjan Špetič igzebedze
Wed Oct 19 11:43:12 CEST 2005

> I don't know why you aren't happy with your Live DTP CD, since it seems
> to me very stable -- imho, certainly more than an alpha release. First,
> it launched without problems, which is not so obvious on my Dell
> Inspiron 6000, with its SATA DVD drive and other such oddities.
> Secondly, every single program I'd launched worked without problems,
> Scribus 1.3.2cvs, Adobe Reader 7, Inkscape, Gimp, Cinepaint, etc.
> Certainly, I've noticed some small issues (like missing Polish glyphs in
> Scribus GUI and text frames, when I launch Live DTP CD with lang=pl...)
> but why don't you simply release it as the first release candidate and
> hear what people say, while your computer will be recovering from the
> crash?  A new DTP LiveCD RFE on the Scribus bug tracker could be a good
> solution for gathering the expected feedback, don't you think?
> BTW, this ISO seems to be good enough as a nice give away for all those
> Windows guys who simply want to know how Scribus 1.3.x looks and works...


i'm happy that you find it usefull, but i wasn't clear enough before...

the livecd is designed in a way, that enables easy rebuilding and stable architecture. so i was hoping for a nearly-perferct first release, but ok, you're right, open source doesn't work this way... :) your missing glyphs are in fact missing, since the polish fonts weren't installed :)

i like the idea of bug tracker, if the scribus team is interested in it. i have some problematic decisions waiting, like what to do with tex - do we really need it? i never used it and don't know what is necessary, and it seems to take quite some space... yes, we could do a dvd, but based on experiences from previous livecd projects, the larger the iso, the less people will download it... what do you think about it? the space was also the reason to drop kde...

and i'd like it to be eye candy, of course, and easy to use - so it will take a well setup desktop envirnment. i guess, power users from this list could submit theirs for a sample?

again, i'm happy that this interests you, and sure am willing to help develop it further.

regards, bostjan

igzebedze - he who speaks loud and say nothing

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