[Scribus] open dtp livecd (ctd.)

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Wed Oct 19 14:38:06 CEST 2005

Bo?tjan ?peti? wrote:

> i'm happy that you find it usefull, but i wasn't clear enough before...
> the livecd is designed in a way, that enables easy rebuilding and stable 
> architecture. so i was hoping for a nearly-perferct first release, but 
> ok, you're right, open source doesn't work this way... :) your missing 
> glyphs are in fact missing, since the polish fonts weren't installed :)
> i like the idea of bug tracker, if the scribus team is interested in it. 
> i have some problematic decisions waiting, like what to do with tex - do 
> we really need it? i never used it and don't know what is necessary, and 
> it seems to take quite some space... yes, we could do a dvd, but based 
> on experiences from previous livecd projects, the larger the iso, the 
> less people will download it... what do you think about it? the space 
> was also the reason to drop kde...
> and i'd like it to be eye candy, of course, and easy to use - so it will 
> take a well setup desktop envirnment. i guess, power users from this 
> list could submit theirs for a sample?
> again, i'm happy that this interests you, and sure am willing to help 
> develop it further.

I've just filed this RFE for your Live DTP CD:


Hopefully, there will soon be some feedback from other users.


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